Update-o-tron 5000

Update-o-tron 5000

Okay, maybe I lied. Maybe this is a lesser model than the 5000. But it’s an update nonetheless, so let’s not split hairs.

It’s been a rough month. I won’t go into details other than to say that I needed a break, I got one, and I feel at least marginally refreshed, physically speaking. Emotionally, perhaps less so. But let’s, again, not split hairs.

Still no word on the fate of Peristalsis, but I’m confident there will be at some point soon. As far as I know things are still set for “Love, Posey” to end the ToC in the upcoming Solarcide anthology, Solarcidal Tendencies (if you don’t get the pun, you didn’t listen to good music in the 90’s). I’m hoping that I’ll have another story announcement later on this month as well.

For now, the only real news is that my 5,000-word pile of drug-addled nonsense, “Cradlesong”, will be appearing in the first issue of Despumation Press, a crazy endeavor that attempts to marry heavy metal sensibilities with good literature. Interacting with Ms. Everitt has been a real pleasure, and she bestowed some kind words upon the story, for which I’m grateful. It was honestly written on something of a self-dare, and turned into a drooling beast of opulent decadence, something much more than I’d initially attempted to realize. It’s weird, yes. Sorry, family and friends, feel free to be mortified. But it was a great chance to expand my range, to do something different, and to write from a new perspective. It’s probably most consistent with The Pursuit of Love and Labor as far as my prior work goes, and I’m quite proud of it.

More soon, I promise, but that’s it for now. Cheers, guys and gals.