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Michael J. Riser writes short stories and poems, publications as listed below. Bylines formerly at Screen Rant, IGN PK, Goomba Stomp, and AOG.

His novella Peristalsis is being negotiated for publication, and his as-yet-unnamed antitheological diatribe of a novel set at the end of the world is nearing completion.

2023.10.31 –
“Lucid Interval” appears in the much-anticipated sci-fi/horror anthology from Written Backwards, Qualia Nous vol. 2.

Michael J. Riser Fiction Qualia Nous 2 Lucid Interval

2023.10.31 –
“What’s Left of the Sun” appears in the Craig Clevenger-edited anthology from Outcast Press, Put Out the Lights and Cry.

Michael J. Riser Fiction Put Out the Lights and Cry What's Left of the Sun

2022.01.01 –
“Observance” published in Coffin Bell‘s vol. 5 issue 1 to start 2022 with a bang. Available for free online.

Michael J. Riser Fiction Coffin Bell Observance

2021.10.01 –
“Adopt Now” published in Coffin Bell‘s vol. 4 issue 4 alongside a gigantic pile of other great work from many authors. Available for free online.

Michael J. Riser Fiction Coffin Bell Adopt Now

2014.06.19 –
“Love, Posey”, which previously appeared at, closes out the best-of anthology Solarcidal Tendencies. Book available from CreateSpace and ($10 for a paperback).

Michael J. Riser Fiction Solarcidal Tendencies Love Posey

2014.05.27 –
The first volume of Despumation by Despumation Press features “Cradlesong”, a rambling short story of 5,000 words written from the perspective of a junkie in the middle of an identity crisis. It was written as a fictional interpretation of Meshuggah’s “Bleed”, the flagship track from 2008’s obZen. Can be purchased via CreateSpace or (paperback issue is $6.99, or $3.99 for a Kindle ebook).

Michael J. Riser Fiction Despumation Cradlesong

2014.05.18 –
In the Pantheon Magazine‘s Gaia: Shadow & Breath, “Casa de Perros”, a story about gang violence, dog fighting, and darker things that sleep within the earth, opens the anthology. The book can be purchased via CreateSpace or (paperbacks from $10-$13, ebooks for $2.99).

Michael J. Riser Fiction Gaia Shadow and Breath Casa de Perros

2013.12 –
Two short literary fictions, “Dog Training” and “As Simple as Teacups”, were featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Sheepshead Review. Print only. Copies may possibly be ordered for $5 (shipping included) via email here.

Michael J. Riser Fiction Sheepshead Review Dog Training As Simple As Teacups

2013.09.21 –
“The Pursuit of Love and Labor”, a short piece of literary horror, was published in Deimos eZine, vol. 2, issue 3 (no longer be available, as the publication is defunct).

Michael J. Riser Fiction Deimos eZine Pursuit of Love and Labor

2013.01.06 –
“Snow Angels” was published in Downer Magazine (no longer available, as the publication is defunct).

Michael J. Riser Fiction Downer Magazine Snow Angels

2012.12.12 –
A short work of dark fiction, “Love, Posey”, was published as guest post at It has since been removed to be featured in the Solarcidal Tendencies print anthology (see above).

Michael J. Riser Fiction Love Posey

2012.04.26 –
“because I still don’t get e. e. cummings” featured at for National Poetry Month.

Michael J. Riser Poetry Because I Still Don't Get E E Cummings

2008.12 –
“poet show” was published in UNC Charlotte’s Sanskrit, vol. 39, pg. 19.

Michael J. Riser Poetry UNCC Sanskrit Poet Show

2008 –
“profanity”, a short, humorous acrostic, was published by Black Book Press.

Michael J. Riser Poetry Black Book Press Profanity

The list of rejections is much longer and more impressive, featuring some truly stunning journals and magazines. MJR refuses to be rejected by less than the very best, and his publication history suitably reflects this. He hopes to be rejected by even better journals in the very near future.

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