The Great Scrivener Debate, part 1

I had used other methods of storage before, some of which had existing file structures associated with them that I had backed up, and then I also had various pieces I had labored over at work (sorry, not sorry) which ended up getting stored in several work backups and then a massive dump of all that stuff after I left my job. Needless to say, what I ended up with was a working structure of mostly current stuff, backups of that stuff, then backups and dumps of several other platforms and things that I had never fully gotten around to integrating into whatever newer systems I came up with. As someone who was at least attempting to be a professional writer, writing itself was the main thing. All of that busywork and maintenance was stuff I knew I needed to get around to, but at the same time it never mattered enough in the grand scheme of things (unless I needed to dip back to find an older document or some such) to truly hold my attention.

Then it all got worse: I met Scrivener for the first time.

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