The Great Scrivener Debate, part 1

I had used other methods of storage before, some of which had existing file structures associated with them that I had backed up, and then I also had various pieces I had labored over at work (sorry, not sorry) which ended up getting stored in several work backups and then a massive dump of all that stuff after I left my job. Needless to say, what I ended up with was a working structure of mostly current stuff, backups of that stuff, then backups and dumps of several other platforms and things that I had never fully gotten around to integrating into whatever newer systems I came up with. As someone who was at least attempting to be a professional writer, writing itself was the main thing. All of that busywork and maintenance was stuff I knew I needed to get around to, but at the same time it never mattered enough in the grand scheme of things (unless I needed to dip back to find an older document or some such) to truly hold my attention.

Then it all got worse: I met Scrivener for the first time.

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日本の大冒険:第3章 – Japan Adventure: Part 3

皆さん、こんばんは!じゃあ、もっと10日で日本に行きます!本当に楽しみですがちょっと怖くなりますね。フォーマットを変更してみてますね。実はこのポストを日本語で書いているのに、日本語のイントロの後で英語版が来ます。そして日本語版下に現れますね。いいですか?うまくいけば、これはメインページを整理した状態に保ちます。(残る日本語のポストが下に現れます。) Hey guys! Well, it’s only ten more days before I leave for Japan! I’m incredibly excited, but also a little terrified. I’m trying a slight format change here, to […]

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詩撮影 – The Photography/Poetry Project

私はラッキーですよ。私の彼女はアッシュリーベアです。彼女はジャーナリストと中学の先生として社員だったけど今マーケティングの経営学修士があります。でも彼女の写真はきれいだと思って、彼女がもっと撮影くれたいです!それに私は詩を書くのが好きだけど詩を書く時間がありません。とにかく、先日、彼女が私に「新しいプロジェクトを一緒にやりたいの?」と言いました。そして「詩撮影」というプロジェクトは生まれました! 私が詩を書いて彼女は私の詩に似合う写真を取ります。そしたら彼女が新しい写真を取って私は彼女の写真に似合う詩を書きます。いいんでしょう? 私は今晩に初めての詩をポストします。今朝にもう書きました。楽しみですね! I’m a lucky man. My girlfriend, Ashley Baer, was a journalist and middle school teacher, and now she’s got an MBA in Marketing, but I think her […]

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