Solarcidal Tendencies

So there’s this monstrosity happening, which is looking like a fantastically wicked awesome anthology, and I’ll be closing out the table of contents with “Love, Posey”, a short story I wrote under the tutelage of Craig Clevenger. I’m pretty excited about that, and really pumped to be sharing space with so many great authors. Some I know, others I’ve read, a few I’ve studied with, but these are some very cool and talented people, and some of these stories are … well, either crazy, or on the far end of NSFW.

Introduction – Richard Thomas
Perfectly Natural – Jessica Leonard
Horsepower – Bryan Howie & K. A. Hunter
Child – David Bobis
‘Burgatory – Gordon Highland
A Lady on the Streets – Renee Asher Pickup
Triple Flash – Len Kuntz
Enhancement – Garrett Cook
Distance From Daddy – Rebecca Jones-Howe
Something Special – Ben Tanzer
Carl – Brandon Tietz
Hands and Tendrils – Axel Taiari
The Love – Teri Skultety
The Legend Of Johnny Bell – Laura Andrews
My Life In A Brutalist Concrete Bunker – Tony Rauch
Year of the Pig – Andrea Taylor
Love, Posey – Michael J. Riser

More announcements to follow about this, of course, including links to order. As far as I understand it, print options will be available first, with electronic editions coming later, if that’s your thing. Whatever your taste, and whether you get it for all the nutso content or just for my story, I hope you’ll consider ordering a copy to support Solarcide, a small, independent publisher that does a lot to support writers.

Stay tuned for more!


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